4 Fitness Apps that are actually worth considering in 2017

9 January 2017| Post by Graham4 minutes


It’s a tough pill to swallow knowing that most people put on another 3.4% of their body weight each year. For those who enjoy a few meals out in the week or a quick ‘drive-through’ after work, the damage could be a lot worse.

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4 Fitness Apps for 2017

Whatsmore, these numbers could get even worse if you don’t exercise regularly.

Do you want to be one of those guys/girls that wakes up at 40, blindly wondering how you’ve added nearly 20% of extra weight to your body over the last 10 years? If not, now’s probably a good time to change your lifestyle.

Everyone knows that weight loss is the most highly cited resolution each year, however, 80% of people who make a resolution tend to fail after Month 1.

The good news is that smartphones and fitness trackers are becoming more intelligent than ever and thankfully more people are relying on them to keep fixated on their health goals amidst their busy lifestyles.

Here are 4 Fitness Apps for 2017 that could help inspire you to take the leap and make 2017 YOUR year.


Price: £30 per year
Great for: Those who bore easily and don’t live near a gym!

4 of the best fitness apps to download in 2017, number 1 FitStar

If you’re like me and hate the whole Macho Bravado nature of “Gym Culture”, then this app could be your new best friend for 2017.

FitStar offers personalised workouts and fitness tests designed just for you. It boasts a full body workout experience, with a focus on providing exercise schedules that require no gym equipment and that can be completed in the comfort of your own home.

You can even feedback on each workout, personally rating whether exercises were too difficult or too simple for your current fitness level, this enables the App to present you with more suitable workouts as you get more and more confident.

» Download the FitStar App here

C25K (Couch Potato to Running 5K)

Price: FREE or £2.29 per month for PRO
Great for: Those who have previously failed at running but fancy another go

4 of the best fitness apps to download in 2017, number 2 C25K

Have you ever tried running before and actually enjoyed it? If like me, you’re not a fan of running aimlessly, in the cold and wet weather, then this App might help you break the ice of your fitness potential.

Running can help burn alot calories very quickly and the goal of this app is to show you how quickly you can develop from a couch potato to running a 5K race in 8 weeks!

The reviews really sold this to me, and it definitely lives up to its hype – one worth a try for those looking for cheaper alternatives to expensive gym subscriptions.

» Download the C25K App here


Price: FREE
Great for: Those who are incentivised to exercise with cash!

4 of the best fitness apps to download in 2017, number 3 Pact

With Pact, you set goals every day and bet against the Pact community that you’ll actually complete them.

If you are successful, you get paid. If you’re not you have to pay the amount you bet to the global Pact community fund. Thus creating a group of people who are hungry to succeed and to earn a few extra £ every week just from working out and eating right!

There are 3 styles of Pacts to choose from – a gym pact, a veggie pact and a food logging pact. All three are set up to help you stay in shape, eat more veggies, and log your meals – you can choose to gamble with one or all three of these Pacts whenever you please!

» Download the Pact App here


Price: FREE or £7.99 per month for Premium
Great for: Those who like to document everything and count calories

4 of the best fitness apps to download in 2017, number 4 MyFitnessPal
MyFitnessPal has grown a huge following after their recent acquisition by major sports brand, Under Armour. The App partners very well with every major brand of fitness wearable and assists you in keeping tabs on food intake and calories burned etc.

It’s fair to say that its dashboard is more than advanced than most of the competitor apps out there, but it can be quite confusing at times with the sheer amount of information overload!

Apparently keeping a food journal DOUBLES your chance of weight loss, and this App’s extensive food library makes for very simple food documenting and thus presenting you with exactly the amount of calories, sat fats, sugars and carbs you have consumed during your desired period.

MyFitnessPal is definitely as good for beginners as it is for fitness freaks!

» Download the MyFitnessPal App here

There we have it!

I hope this list enthuses you to start your 2017 fitness journey straight away, it would also be a pleasure to know of any your favourite apps you’ve discovered along the way – feel free to share them with me via Twitter @Limelyltd


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