4 Health & Fitness Apps That Will Motivate You in 2018

2 July 2018| Post by Adam3 minutes


Back in 2017, you may remember the blog post where we shared four fitness apps worth considering. Well, it’s time to refresh the list and dig up some new finds.

2018 is officially the year of wellbeing. It’s everywhere. Instagrammers, bloggers, celebrities: everyone is cashing in on the trend. Realistically, it’s a great thing. Who doesn’t want to feel a bit healthier and get a bit fitter?


4 health & fitness apps to motivate you this year

We may already be halfway through the year but summer is the perfect time to embark on a fitness journey. After all, the sun’s shining, holidays are coming up and everyone’s in a great mood! Here are our recommended apps for getting you on track to your best self.

30 Day Fitness Challenge Log

Price: Free (with premium subscription option available)

Great for: People looking for a challenge to get back into fitness or those who don’t like the gym

If you really want to get into a great fitness routine but simply don’t know where to start, this app could be for you. It’s jam-packed with hundreds of exercises with varying difficulty and target areas. Essentially, the app is a personal trainer and a fitness tracker in one. You’ll be able to follow a plan for 30 days, logging your progress as you go and build up your confidence in exercising. You can also share your results with friends across different social platforms!

Download it here.

Sweatcoin – Sweat for Coin

Price: Free

Great for: Anyone in need of an extra motivation boost with their current fitness plan

There’s a reason this app is currently at in the top 5 of the App Store Fitness charts! It pretty much does what it says on the tin: pays you to work out. You can link Sweatcoin up to your Apple Watch and track your steps and calories burnt as you go about your daily workouts. Then, you’ll be rewarded in the Sweatcoin currency for the time you’re active. This currency can be spent on gadgets, sports kit and other fitness experiences in the app’s very own partner-led marketplace.

Download it here.

Down Dog

Price: Free (in-app purchases available)

Great for: Beginners to yoga and those looking to try something new with their workout

If you want to get into yoga, this app is a great place to begin. Whether you’re a total novice or pretty experienced, you’ll find personalised practice routines that suit your ability. Sound good? Well, there’s even an option to download your sequences and practice whilst offline. This app really has thought of everything when it comes to becoming a yogi. After all, not everyone wants to run on a treadmill.

Download it here.

YAZIO – Calorie Counter App

Price:  Free (premium pro version available)

Great for: People who need a way to track calories and increase their nutrition

Okay, so this app is pretty similar to My Fitness Pal but it’s a breath of fresh air. With a beautiful user interface and a functional daily food diary, YAZIO is one of those fitness apps that we’re expecting to stick around. You’ll easily be able to track your physical activity, food intake and body weight to focus on your future goals. We love it!

Download it here.


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