Our 2019 Ecommerce Holiday Calendar

4 January 2019| Post by Niko5 minutes


Fail to plan… plan to fail. We’ve all heard it. And this resource is going to help you plan for the coming 12 months in the ecommerce world. Thank us later!

Happy 2019! We can’t believe it’s the start of a new year already. But of course, the break’s over and we’ve got to think about business for the year ahead now. Here’s our official ecommerce holiday calendar for 2019. 🎉

Our guide to 2019’s ecommerce holiday calendar

Whether you’re the owner of an ecommerce store, work in retail marketing or you’re simply a regular consumer, it’s important to know the holiday dates throughout 2019. An ecommerce calendar is crucial for keeping up-to-date with seasonal sales, official holidays and celebrations. After all, you don’t want to miss out on a chance to capitalise on those all-important dates, do you? Here are the days to put in your diary for the next 12 months:

February 14th – Valentines

The first major holiday in the ecommerce calendar is, of course, Valentine’s Day. Think red, roses and love hearts… everywhere. Even if you don’t sell Valentine’s related gifts, why not throw in a CUPID15 discount code, or something similar?

February 15th – London Fashion Week

This may only appeal to fashion and footwear stores but London Fashion Week is the perfect time to put on promotions and push your brand. Get active on your social channels, join in with the hype and take advantage of any new trends.

March 17th – St. Patricks Day

St Patrick’s Day is a great excuse for a one-off discount code, green-tinted website banners and even in-store events if you have a physical premises. Or just a quick social post to support St Patrick’s Day can do the trick!

March 31st – Mothers Day

For gift and card sellers, this is a very important date in the calendar. But a huge variety of ecommerce stores can take advantage of Mother’s Day as people will be looking for all kinds of ways to thank their mum. Make sure you promote any special offers you have for this holiday – you could even produce a gift guide for anyone who might be lost on what to buy.

April 7th – World Health Day

You could celebrate this international holiday on your social channels, write a dedicated blog post about your products and their health benefits and even introduce a 24-hour discount code to promote your products.

April 21st – Easter

Host an ‘Easter egg hunt’ on your ecommerce store, send out a marketing email or run a chocolate-related contest. There really are a whole host of ideas that you can take advantage of during Easter!

June 16th – Fathers Day

Similar to Mother’s Day, any type of ecommerce store can capitalise on this celebration holiday. Again, why not produce a gift guide or give a special discount code for those buying Father’s Day gifts on your store?

July — August – Summer Sale

It’s no secret that the summer holidays are one of the best times to shop a sale. As an ecommerce store owner, you should seriously be thinking about July and August to offer some of your best discounts and promotions. Web banners, email marketing and price reductions will be everywhere.

September 2nd – Back to School

Once the excitement of summer is over, you can soon turn your attention to ‘Back to School’ offers. Use your creativity! You don’t have to be a stationery or clothing store to shine. What about advertising a pamper day for Mum to deal with the Back to School stress? Alternatively, focus on the teachers.

October 31st – Halloween

Along with Christmas and Valentine’s, this is a holiday that everyone can get behind. Even if you simply spruce up your social media or give your website a temporary makeover, this spooky celebration is perfect for boosting your ecommerce traffic.

November 29th – Black Friday

The biggest shopping event of the year… especially for ecommerce. If you miss out on this one, you’re missing out by a country mile. Read our guide on preparing your ecommerce store early to truly make the most of this important date.

December 2nd – Cyber Monday

And don’t be fooled into thinking the Black Friday deals end on Saturday. Nowadays, the heavy discounts, special codes and product promotions last right through the weekend until Monday. Take advantage of heavy online traffic!

December 21st – Super Saturday

Panic buying for Christmas starts on this important Saturday in the ecommerce holiday calendar. You’ll likely be promoting your products for Christmas anyway but bear this busy day in mind when considering special offers.

December 26th – Boxing Day Sales

There really is no chill when it comes to Boxing Day sales. The moment it turns midnight on Christmas Day, people will be online and browsing. Don’t be late to the party, make sure you’ve already planned your Boxing Day promotions.

December 31st – New Years Eve

Why not capitalise on people celebrating New Year’s Eve and then subsequently making resolutions or ‘starting fresh’ on New Year’s Day. We expect to see a lot of one-off discount codes as well as a heavy promotion of health, wellbeing and experience-related products.

Our top tips for 2019’s ecommerce holiday calendar

  • Make sure you plan ahead for the rest of the year. Your biggest competitors will be, so don’t get left behind!
  • Decide which discounts and promotions are suitable for which holidays
  • Don’t allow your website to let down your hard work in marketing – ensure it can cope with heavier traffic on certain dates
  • Get banners, social media posts and other special images ready in advance so you’re not panicking last minute
  • Most importantly, ensure that everyone working on your ecommerce store is on-board with the calendar (including any outsourced companies)!

Need a little help planning your ecommerce holiday calendar for 2019? Whether it’s promotion banner design, blog post writing or Magento fine-tuning, we can help your ecommerce store to soar this year! Find out more about our fashion ecommerce websites here or simply get in touch with us to get the ball rolling 😄


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