10 Photos That Prove Unsplash is the Best Free Photography Site

21 March 2019| Post by Adam5 minutes


Who doesn’t love high-quality, free photography? We certainly do. And we’ve got one website to thank for some of the best out there. Say hello to Unsplash ­čôĚ

Being a web designer means trying to find a lot of suitable┬áimages when we’re not creating our own. As you can imagine, we spend a fair amount of time scrolling through free photography sites! And our clients often ask us about where they can find nice images to update their website when we’ve finished working on it. So, we thought it was only right that we pay homage to our favourite source for images: Unsplash. And here are 10 reasons why we love it.

Why we think Unsplash is the best free photography site

What happens when you combine generous photographers and a slick, well-designed website? You get Unsplash, of course. We’ve used this source for years and think it’s about time we pay homage to it. If you’ve never used the site before, we really think you should look into it, especially if you regularly create content for your website or social media. Here are the reasons we recommend it.

1. It’s completely free, of course

Photo by Fancy Crave

First things first: it’s free. That sounds like a no-brainer but a lot of photography sites are limited when they offer a free option. Or, you have to pay a small monthly fee for unlimited usage. Unsplash is entirely free of charge and doesn’t even require credit but you are encouraged to ‘say thanks’ by embedding a credit badge or sharing on social media. But again, it’s not required (we’ve just decided to do it for this because, y’know, we’re writing a whole blog post about it).

2. The photos are high quality

Photo by Nine Kopfer

You don’t get any rubbish low-res stuff on Unsplash – it’s all super high quality. And all the images download automatically in full size so you won’t accidentally download an annoying, tiny version. Then, it’s yours to do what you like with. Resize it, crop it, keep it exactly as you found it. Up to you.

3. There are no cringe-worthy stock images

Photo by Mariano Nocetti

The photography on Unsplash comes from real-life photographers who enjoy capturing the world. There’s no forced, set-up stock imagery that’ll make you, and your audience, cringe. Instead, you may find some of the images a little bit random but you’re guaranteed to find the perfect photo for your purpose.

4. Unsplash makes search suggestions

Photo by Ian Dooley

Once you’ve searched for a keyword, ‘summer’ for example, Unsplash will automatically suggest new themes and words for you to discover. In this case, you’ll get ‘vacation’ ‘autumn’, ‘spring’, ‘bikini’, ‘beach’, ‘tropical’ and ‘friends’. This can be a great help when you really need an image but you’re struggling to nail down just the right one. You’ll also find tags on each photo and similar images to keep the exploration going.

5. Their nature photography is out of this world

Photo by Mohamed Ahsan

We’re not dealing with second-rate images here. The photographers who share their work with Unsplash are incredibly talented and one of our favourite categories to browse is nature photography. So, the example above was extremely hard to pick – as you can imagine – but we think it nicely sums up what to expect. And now we really want to go on holiday.

6. The food snaps aren’t bad either…

Photo by Ashley Green

7. Even if you’re in the mood for something healthy!

Photo by Brooke Lark

No matter what kind of food you’re in the mood for, you’ll be able to find a beautiful high-quality image of it on Unsplash. We tend to drool a lot over the cupcake photos, in particular. Whatever takes your fancy is cool, too (search burger and get ready to feel instantly hungry).

8. There are loads of great seasonal images

Photo by Jakob Owens

We just had to find a way to sneak Christmas into this post, sorry ­čśĆBut in all seriousness, Unsplash is the place to go if you need some nice seasonal images to spruce up your blog posts and social media content. From baking cookies to gift-wrapping to snowy forests, the photographers on there really have covered it all.

9. You can even choose your next desktop background!

Photo by Dominik Schr├Âder

Along with detailed and unique images that would come in handy for specific purposes, there is a treasure trove of more minimal, laidback photographs that would be perfect for your next desktop background. And you could also use these as backgrounds for flyers, artwork, anything you can think of really!

10. There are some amazing graffiti and slogan photos

Photo by Camille Orgel

If you’re looking for a cool quote image or want to get some inspiration from amazing street art around the world, you’ll find something to spark your interest on Unsplash. The free photography database is jam-packed with funny quotes and sayings on the side of buildings, on pavements and even on coffee cups.

Why not check out Unsplash for yourself and get your hands on some beautiful photography?


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