5 Adverts That Will Make You Smile on #WorldSmileDay

6 October 2017| Post by Gavin2 minutes


It always seems to be World Something Day, doesn’t it? Of course, our personal favourites are World Burger Day and World Dog Day. But today’s quite nice too…

Today is #WorldSmileDay! We wondered how we could incorporate this into a blog post, and decided to let you in on some of our favourite adverts, old and new. Here are five adverts that will put a smile on your face.

1. Softlan Print Advert (2009)

Malaysian agency Y&R cleverly played on one of the least ‘soft’ sports – wrestling – to advertise this fabric conditioner.

2. Google Advert (2010)

Turkish agency Grey bring your embarrassing search mistakes to life. Did you mean ‘battleship’?

3. Volkswagen Park Assist Advert (2012)

volkswagen advert

This is one of our favourite adverts on the list. DDB Agency created this cute and clever advert to show off Volkswagen’s new precision parking feature.

4. Ikea’s Retail Therapy Campaign (2016)

Ikea retail therapy adverts

Swedish agency Åkestam Holst has been coming up with all sorts of quirky adverts that show Ikea products as the top result for frequently searched questions on search engines. Perhaps they’re trying to mend relationships they have broken in the past…

5. Timotei Styling Mousse Advert (2006)

hair adverts- timotei styling

French agency JWT has brought the old ‘taming a lion’s mane’ metaphor to life. We love it! (Anything featuring animals is a bonus though, right?)

Happy #WorldSmileDay!

And there you have it. We hope this little blog post made your Friday a bit brighter! Let us know your favourite adverts, we love having a good giggle in the office and would love to see your recommendations.


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